Shenandoah Independent Practice Association, Inc. (SIPA) was formed in 1994 by a number of well-established, community-based physicians to provide contractual strength when working with insurance companies. By acting together as a group, SIPA members work more effectively with insurance providers, resulting in a higher level of care for their patients. SIPA's goal is to promote and expand independent medical practices to collectively best serve you—the patient.

SIPA providers offer comprehensive healthcare services to the residents of Northern Virginia and nearby West Virginia areas.

By working together as a group, SIPA's more than 100 primary care physicians and 200 specialists bring an expanded level of benefits to our patients, while providing an extensive level of medical services to this area. SIPA is now expanding its physician membership into Virginia and West Virginia.

SIPA was developed to encourage a direct relationship between you and your physician. Through personal consultation with your physician, you are then best equipped to make decisions on your own healthcare options.

The listing of physicians and other medical professionals on this Site is not intended to and does not constitute endorsement by SIPA of the physician or medical professional or any product or service provided by such physician or medical professional and SIPA is in no way liable or responsible for the care provided by any physician or medical professional listed on this Site. Physicians and other medical professionals listed on the Site are independent contractors and are not employees or agents of SIPA and these medical professionals are not agents of SIPA and may not legally bind or commit SIPA in any manner.

Last updated: December 18, 2019

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